Steel Barns Vs. Pole Barns: 5 Reasons Why Steel is Better

Are you investing in buildings for your agricultural needs? The biggest decision you will make is the method of construction for your barns. The construction costs, long-term maintenance, and versatility of your barns can all be impacted by the type of barn you choose.

If you’re trying to decide between a steel barn and a pole barn, we can help. Read on for the biggest reasons why steel barns should be your number one choice for agricultural building and more.

The Benefits of Longevity

Pole Barns, often made of wood poles sunk into the ground, are prone to the decay and shifting of age. Though their initial construction may be less expensive, you’ll find that the maintenance of pole barns is more significant over time.

Poles sunken into the ground will eventually succumb to the wills of nature. Be it ground shifts, decay, dry rot, or many other potential failings- poles do not offer the same longevity as steel construction.

Steel barns do not have components that need regularly sealed, replaced, or repaired like pole barns do. You’ll see less need to do regular upkeep and maintenance with steel construction as opposed to pole barns, which is valuable time you can put back into your business.

Size and Customization

Steel barns have unlimited customization options. Unlike pole barns, which have a 90 ft size limitation, steel construction can be made to whatever size or shape you need.

Clearance height for large farm equipment is no issue with steel construction. Custom options are available to suit a variety of purposes, whether housing livestock or protecting large farm equipment.

Pole barns cannot be fitted over a basement, which is not true for steel construction. This lack of storage and strength can be a big downside for pole barns.

At Victory, we have a variety of barn styles and options to choose from. However, your own designs or blueprints can be brought to life in order to cater to your specific needs.

Pole barns are rarely suited for expansion. In steel barns, additions or expansions are well within the building possibilities. Should your herd population grow or your crop yield expand, you’ll have the option to add on to your existing structure instead of adding an entirely new one to house them.

You shouldn’t have to decide between purchasing new large-scale equipment and building new structures to house them. With steel barn construction, adding additional interior or covered exterior space can save you significant cost and hassle.

Strength and Durability

Steel barns have rugged beams that are anchored into concrete foundations. This durable construction method means they stand up more readily to inclement weather, and are more fire resistant.

Their resistance to water damage, mold, cracking, and rotting is far superior to pole barns. There is no need for regular maintenance or repainting.

Steel stands up better to hurricanes and earthquakes. It requires no adhesives or unsafe chemicals in it’s construction to be strong and long-lasting.

Safety is Essential

Barns often house some of your biggest investments. You’ll want a structure that can protect what lies inside. Whether it’s valuable farm equipment, livestock, or hay, steel buildings are the safest option.

You don’t have to worry about weakened supports giving out and collapsing. Steel barns have wind-strong bracing that comes standard, which protects against the torsion and shearing of high winds. Galvanized steel sheeting guards against corrosion, protecting and strengthening your structure against the elements.

They’re also non-combustible and impervious to rain, which keeps the contents dry and safe from water damage. Steel cannot rot or warp, which means your building and the precious cargo within are safer. Pole barns cannot offer these same features.

Carefully designed roofing maintains the integrity of your steel structure, even against heavy rain and snow. Accumulation of precipitation is minimized through directional runoff.


While a pole barn is cheaper to install, their maintenance costs add up over time. Insurance for them is also more costly and hard to get, as insurers are familiar with the shortcomings of this type of construction. Steel barns also offer more energy-efficiency, which will save you significantly in the future.

Metal barns are more affordable because of the high-quality lifetime longevity of steel construction. Durable American steel, with quality guaranteed roofing and siding, are truly the hallmarks of a long-lasting investment.

If you’re looking for a permanent option, steel barns will end up giving you many returns over their lifespans. While pole barns might need replaced due to rot or fire or termite infestation, steel construction can last a lifetime.

At Victory Buildings, we offer manufacturer-direct pricing for our steel buildings. With these great savings, the choice between structures seems clear. In addition, each purchase includes free delivery and installation, which saves you on time and labor.

Victory Has the Steel Barns You Need

If you’re looking for steel barns that can stand the tests of time, contact Victory Buildings today. Veteran owned, we pride ourselves on our use of all US steel components and American labor, for a product you can trust.

Do you have a custom design in mind? We can work to build a building that perfectly suits your needs. From carports and commercial buildings to the best agricultural construction on the market, our manufacturer-direct pricing means you can get the best steel buildings for a fraction of the market price.

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