9 Gorgeous Custom Steel Carport Ideas

Are you looking to add a carport to your property? If so, steel is the way to go.

You may think steel carports are boring, though. Your carport will look just like everyone else’s, won’t it?

Luckily, steel carports are more customizable than you may think. You don’t have to go with a plain, simple design. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for nine great steel carport ideas that will help your carport stand out.

1. Fancy it up and Accessorize

Whoever said carports were only for protecting vehicles? Make yours stand out by designing it to be something else, instead.

Spice things up by adding some fun picnic tables and decor. You’ll have the perfect area for hosting friends and family!

Or leave the tables out and create an exercise space instead. Workout outside is great, but the sun blazing down doesn’t feel the best. Provide a shelter for your exercise activities.

Whatever you design your carport for, it doesn’t have to be for cars. But, if you need it to, it could always work for both your car and your other purpose.

2. Go for the Barn Look

Do you like a rustic look but want something you know is sturdy? Steel carports are great for that.

Start with the steel carport of your choosing. Then dress it up with wood to make it look like a barn! Go for rugged, or a nice, sleek barn look. You’ll get a rural, rusting-looking building that’s solid, useful, and beautiful.

You don’t have to live in a rural area to make this work. Try sprucing up your barn-carport structure by applying some fun, bold paint or a nice finish.

3. Add Storage

Choosing a carport over a garage doesn’t mean you have to live without storage. Add storage areas to your steel carport by choosing a garage carport combo!

You’ll love the nice, sleek look of a steel carport, as well as its strength and protection. Make that protection go even further by allowing it to protect your stuff, too.

If you’d like a place to store your vehicles but you don’t want the entire area to be enclosed, this is a great option for you. You can still customize these setups!

4. Include a Mudroom

If you don’t need the storage space, consider turning the back area of your carport into a mudroom.

Mudrooms are great for kicking off your shoes when you get home. They’re especially helpful if you like to get out and play in the mud sometimes.

Keep the carpets and other flooring in your home clean by providing a place for dirty shoes to remain and pets to be cleaned off.

5. Add an Office

Will you be using your metal carport to work on others’ vehicles? If so, why not add an office space? You can build one right into your metal carport.

Use the back of the carport, or even a corner or side area, whatever makes the most sense to you. Do all your work right there in your carport, whether it’s paperwork or fixing up the vehicles themselves.

6. Mix in Other Materials

If you don’t like the look of an entirely metal carport, don’t be afraid to mix in some other materials.

Add some bamboo slats at the back of your carport, facing outward along the back wall. The contrast between dark metal and light wood will add a gorgeous look to your carport.

7. Add a Tool Wall

Do you love working on your vehicles? Whether you’re just performing a tune-up or you’re fixing up a classic, you’ll need the right tools to get the job done.

Make your job easier by adding a tool wall to your carport. Take up as much space as you need, whether it’s a partial wall or an entire one!

Your carport wall offers ample space for whatever tools you need, whether large or small. Simply install some pegboard or a sturdier material and add as many hooks and tool racks as you need.

8. Enclose the Sides

If you’re looking for better protection without installing an entire garage, consider building a carport with enclosed sides. A metal carport will be sturdy enough to withstand common weather issues, but it won’t block wind and sun that comes in from the sides.

Enclosing the sides gives you the shade and protection you need while spending time in your carport, whether you’re relaxing or working. And, the sides will provide greater protection for your vehicle(s) too.

9. Add an Awards Wall

Is showing cars your thing? Then you may have won some car show awards in the past. Or you may plan to win some in the future!

Whether you currently have awards or not, build yourself a space to display them. There’s no better place than where all the work happens!

You’ll love looking up from your current project and seeing the past awards you’ve received. Or that blank space may just be the motivation you need to do your best before the next car show!

Try These Steel Carport Ideas

Steel carports don’t have to be boring. In fact, any one of these steel carport ideas would get you a carport with character or improved functionality, or both!

Try one of these ideas today to see how you like it. Or come up with your own, custom design!

A customized carport can be practical, beautiful, and downright fun. So what are you waiting for? Start designing your custom carport!

We offer many options to make your carport exactly how you want it. Get started with a quote today!


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