Metal Buildings: From Carport to Garage and So Much More

Building a shop, retail space, or outbuilding can quickly become expensive and time-consuming.

The larger the required space, the more quickly costs scale up.

For many applications, metal buildings will be a cheaper and better option than traditional construction.

Keep reading to find out some of the most common uses for steel buildings and how a well-designed structure can meet your needs.

Commercial Metal Buildings

Steel buildings are widely used for commercial spaces. They are inexpensive for their size, extremely customizable, and require minimal maintenance.

Most businesses will find that a metal building is available to fit their needs.

Retail Space

Commercial landlords frequently use metal frame buildings when setting up retail spaces. They combine the benefits of steel buildings with the appearance of traditional construction. It’s easy to face a building with any material to give a traditional facade.

Strip malls and outdoor shopping centers are often constructed in this way. They don’t require any interior walls for structural purposes and provide tenants with the best customizability available.

Their high durability is also a major factor for landlords and developers. When properly set up they will last for decades. If you have tenant turnover resetting the interior is easy.

Simply clear out the shelves and branded decorations and clean the floors.


Farmers are a major user of steel buildings. They can be set up quickly and used to store a wide range of products, equipment, and other materials.

Many different applications are available for metal structures in agriculture. One of the most common is hay storage. A weatherproof building allows a farmer to store a substantial amount of feed for livestock.

Having metal grain and product storage available is of great benefit to a farmer. If they have the capability to store their crop they can hold out for better market prices.

The durability of metal buildings also appeals to farmers. When properly set up and maintained an outbuilding provides decades of service.


Office space doesn’t need to be flashy. You need comfortable space, electricity, and basic services. Metal structures are excellent for small to mid-sized companies. They allow them to house their operations without worrying about expansions down the line.

Operating an older building can be very expensive. America’s traditional office buildings are aging. They were built to different standards than modern structures and are rarely as efficient.

By having your metal structure built to suit your environment you greatly reduce the cost of long-term operations. Metal walls don’t provide insulation, but they do give you an excellent moisture barrier.

By adding in a thick coating of insulation you can seriously reduce your heating and cooling costs. Metal roofs contribute to this value. Highly reflective metal roofs prevent radiant heating from the sun in the summer.

Personal Steel Buildings

Steel frame buildings are an excellent choice for your home property as well. The same cost efficiency and durability that makes them so attractive for commercial users applies.

The customizability of a steel structure works very well on small or oddly shaped pieces of property.

Garages & Carports

If your home was built without a garage it can be very expensive to add one. A better option in many cases is to purchase an attractive outbuilding that matches your home’s paint and style.

Today’s multi-use metal garages are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and layouts.

Metal garages go up very quickly and require no structural changes to your home. If you prefer not to add a full building to your property a metal carport will at least give you some rain, sleet, and hail protection.

If you have an RV or camper, setting up a steel cover helps protect it from the elements. Properly designed covers can even withstand hurricane force wind and rain.


A metal storage building is one of the most efficient ways to store and protect your belongings. Gardening equipment, sports and recreation gear, lawn mowers, weed eaters, and more will be kept out of the elements and away from any light fingers.

If you keep collectibles or collect classic cars a metal outbuilding is an excellent way to display them. Setting up a climate controlled building takes days and allows you to properly care for your collection.

Extra Space

There are very few uses metal outbuildings can’t be put to. Game rooms, gyms, home offices, and workshops are just a few.

A metal structure set up with a sturdy concrete floor is perfect for a wood, metal, or auto shop. It will resist damage from dropped tools and can be built to be very fire resistant.

If you want a man cave or a she shed, a metal building is one of the best structures available. One of the great benefits of these kinds of buildings is that they can be set up at almost any size. If you want just a small space a metal building can easily fit your needs.

Industrial Buildings

One of the best uses for a metal frame building is in the industrial sector. Their large size, durability, and customizability work very well for industrial scale shops and businesses.

Multi-use structures allow you to achieve the size, floorplan, and height required for your business. You can add in doors specific to your needs and the lack of internal framing walls gives you the most space to work with.

Many companies find a metal structure perfect for their entire operation. You can set up office space in the front area, a heavy work area behind, and a well-designed warehouse and loading dock area in the rear.

See How You Can Benefit from a Metal Frame Building

Multi-use buildings really live up to their name. They can be set up for just about any personal or business need you have. The durability, inexpensiveness, and customizability of metal buildings make them an ideal choice for a wide range of uses.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of buildings or want to place an order, contact us here.


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