The Top 10 Advantages of Using Light Gauge Steel For Your Building

The first humans began settling down over 10,000 years ago, which they couldn’t do without establishing a shelter. In the time since, the supplies used to make those shelters have changed dramatically.

Where humans once only had rock and wood to work with, we now have much more sophisticated materials. Brick and concrete are relatively new in terms of the totality of human settlement, but with the invention of the skyscraper, they are hardly the most impressive.

Today, light gauge steel is being recognized for its many advantages. Check out this list of the top ten advantages of light gauge steel to see how it can benefit your next construction project.

1. Easier to Work With

Light gauge steel is easily customizable.

Thanks to the efforts of modern software, projects using light gauge steel can be measured down to single millimeter ranges. These highly accurate blueprints can be taken to a factory, where the unique light gauge steel units are individually manufactured.

Due to the level of customization that can be achieved with light gauge steel, fewer materials are wasted, leading to cost savings. Having each part specially manufactured off-site creates less chance for error.

Clients who prefer modern styles are happy with light gauge steel as the clean lines and overall minimal appearance fit well within the category. Since each piece of the design is made to order, they can be folded or punched in virtually any way the client sees fit.

2. Build Speed

This steel is manufactured off-site, which decreases build time on-site. Ultimately, there is less variability in the end product of the construction pieces, leading to fewer callbacks.

Assembling this type of steel on the build site is more straightforward than working with less predictable building materials.

In the end, there will be less time wasted on site adjusting or modifying errors in the design or construction.

3. Strong Yet Light

Out of any building materials on the market, light gauge steel has the highest strength to weight ratio. This single factor has many benefits in itself.

First, a high strength to weight ratio means that job site workers can often carry materials by themselves, whereas wood, concrete, and brick are too heavy. This cuts down the workload, which saves both time and money.

In fact, steel weighs 60% less than wood. Decreasing the building material weight also makes building a foundation for the structure easier.

Second, this ratio means that light gauge steel can be transported easily and without too much worry about damaging the individual pieces.

Another benefit of its strength is its ability to create larger spans. This strength makes unique design features, like a full window wall, possible. These design features are not possible with other building materials.

4. Safety Level

Light gauge steel is much more durable than other building materials. Galvanized steel resists decay and corrosion.

Unlike wood, steel will not warp, crack, swell, or shrink. Steel will never rot. It is not susceptible to mold or mildew.

If the structure is located in a wet, moist, or humid area, steel is the best option. This not only improves structural safety but health safety as well.

Even in natural disasters, steel often holds up better than other materials. Whether it’s a seismic event or wind, steel structures survive.

5. Remodeling Ease

The walls attached to steel framing are often easy to remove. This means that remodeling is a much simpler process. You can shuffle around anything, at any time, as you see fit.

The assembly of steel framing itself is much easier than a wood structure. Since steel is highly customizable, it can form virtually any shape. As long as load-bearing parts aren’t removed, nearly any part of the structure can be changed.

6. Its Flexibility

The high strength to weight ratio allows longer spans without beams, allowing more design possibilities. With other building materials, it would cost significantly more to achieve the same effect.

Of course, because steel parts are individually manufactured and a more accurate and specific way, this also helps with the design process.

7. Material Costs

Many of the previously mentioned advantages make steel a more cost-effective building material. It’s lightweight, durable, easy to transport, and resistant to many damaging scenarios. You don’t need to waste money adjusting things on-site as everything is made to order.

Light gauge steel is also impervious to the dramatic fluctuations of the lumber industry. Due to shortages, wood often experiences sharp price increases.

8. Environmentally Friendly

As already stated, the highly accurate nature of the planning and manufacturing process leads to less wasted material. This is far better for the environment.

Additionally, steel materials are completely recyclable. In fact, most steel building materials include recycled steel. This not only reduces the environmental impact but the cost as well.

9. Non-Combustible

One of the best things about light gauge steel is that it is noncombustible. This means that it is not as susceptible to fire damage.

Of course, steel does melt at a very high temperature, but it is still considered noncombustible. It will not ignite, and it will contribute nothing to a fire. If the structure is located in a high-risk fire area, steel is ideal.

10. Its Resistance

As well as being resistant to fire, rot, mold, and mildew, steel is also resistant to insect damage. All around, it is far more durable than most other building materials.

This resistance to damage may even lead to better insurance premiums. If your insurance company identifies your structure as having “premium construction,” it can lead to lower premiums. This is yet another factor making light gauge steel cost-effective.

Find Light Gauge Steel Today

Light gauge steel is a modern building material that offers many benefits to contractors, planners, and business owners. These buildings are safe, cost-effective, and great quality.

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