10 Amazing Commercial Uses For Steel Buildings

Considering expanding your business with a new building?

Steel is the most recycled material in the world. It makes for a great building material as it is low maintenance, cost effective, and flexible in design.

Its durability and efficient installation process make it a go-to for commercial uses. Steel is a popular choice from automobile industries to agricultural uses.

It’s also able to stand up to hurricanes and heavy snow accumulation. This leaves you feeling safe and secure in your building choice.

Read on for 10 amazing commercial uses for steel buildings.

1. Storage Facility

The self-storage industry has long benefited from metal building uses. These buildings can act as steel garages or storage units for people who need extra space.

It’s easy to create a custom-designed building, in the color and roof style of choice. You can start small with a few buildings then expand as needed. It’s quick and easy to add on more storage units in the future.

You can opt for large roll-up doors to make loading or unloading more efficient. Walk-through doors can also get added for traffic through an office space.

Steel buildings for commercial use also meet industry safety standards, including roofing. This is important to protect customer’s valuables.

2. Workshop

Steel buildings make for a functional and secure workshop. It keeps all the tools, noise, and construction in a confined location.

Those who own a business in carpentry or auto repair should consider a steel workshop. The flexible floor plan also allows you to add an attached office or reception area, with windows.

If you need to control noise levels, install a flooring material that absorbs sound. An acoustic underlayment or sound deadening vinyl should do the trick.

3. Custom Stable or Barn

A custom stable is one of the most popular uses for commercial steel buildings. It’s functional for all agricultural uses while showing off the innovation of a high-quality steel design.

You can customize the building layout to include a large riding area and smaller rooms for stables. Steel is also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Steel-built stables provide ample storage for feed, hay, and farm equipment. It also provides a safe and secure shelter for your livestock.

Steel is a ductile material, that can withstand high winds. So you can rest assured that your livestock is well protected during a windstorm or hurricane. The building’s roof can also get reinforced with steel roof purlins.

Steel is a less expensive and less labor-intensive option and than traditional wooden stables. It’s a high-quality material with a building design that is longterm and can stand up to the elements.

4. Aircraft Hanger

Protecting your aircraft collection is a great example of steel building uses. Private jets, helicopters, and gliders can all take up a lot of space when not flying in the sky. A steel hanger can provide safety, security, and ample storage space.

With large rolling doors it’s easy to move your aircraft collection in and out of the facility. You’ll rest assured that the reinforced ceiling will protect planes from weather conditions. Steel roofing can withstand heavy snow accumulation and high winds.

5. Dog Boarding Kennel

Pet owners will feel safe and secure dropping their dogs off at a newly designed kennel made of steel. You can create a layout to include boarding facilities, offices, and a reception area.

You’ll also want a separate area for a washing and grooming center. As well as an exercise room for dogs to play and socialize together. These commercial steel buildings can also act as a doggie daycare, with all the comforts of home.

Install a proper ventilation system to keep odor under control. Also be sure to select a floor material that makes it easy to clean up after pets. You can even install a video camera system for pet owners to keep an eye on their four-legged family members.

6. Coworking Office Space

These innovative new office designs are taking over major cities by storm. They provide a place for entrepreneurs and freelancers to network and work on projects.

By the year 2020, it’s expected that there will be over 30,432 coworking office spaces. It’s a great opportunity for metal building uses, with little overhead costs.

Set up shared desks, for members to access 24 hours a day. There should also be an area for a shared printer, fax, and copier. WiFi access and laptop hookups are other features to have.

7. Warehouse Facility

A brand new warehouse is a great option for steel buildings for commercial use.

The large open layout can fit all your stock that can’t be on display in the store. With unobstructed visibility, it will be easy to manage inventory. A lean-to with an open side can also make it easy for vehicle access.

You can also include smaller areas for offices and bathrooms. Your warehouse design is also expandable. Should you need to add more space or revise the layout with changing business needs.

8. Art Studio

Steel buildings can create a chic industrial vibe, perfect for an artist’s studio. You can customize the building to provide workspace for many different talents. Pottery, photography, and painting to name a few.

This will allow local artists to rent out their own solo spaces, or entire floors depending on their needs. They can even put their art on display to sell. The building also makes a great open space to host an art gallery or event.

9. Carwash

Hoping to start your own carwash business? Steel buildings are an excellent choice for this, as there will be a great deal of water and soap flying around. Metal buildings are perfect for standing up to the elements.

You can also install big roller doors to make it easy for cars to drive in and out. Steel is a sustainable choice, as well as being low maintenance. Customers will appreciate the green effort you took to make a building that contributes to better recycling.

10. Drive-Thru Restaurant

Consider a steel building for your small drive-thru food business. It’s a less expensive option and can get completed in a faster timeframe. This way you can have your pizza, taco, or burger joint business ready to go in no time.

The open layout will provide the right space for an ordering counter, as well as bathrooms and a kitchen area. There is also a range of exterior color options available. So you can customize the building to match your unique branding.

Steel Buildings, a Smart and Sustainable Choice

Steel is a smart choice for a wide variety of industries, as it is a low maintenance and secure building material.

You can rest assured that your building meets industry standards and can withstand the elements. Especially during the stress of hurricane season.

Learn more about all the features of steel buildings and how they can help grow your business.


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