The Top 10 Benefits of Owning a Carport For Your RV

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If you love your RV you’ll want to look after it well. Should you invest in a carport for your RV?

Read on to learn the top 10 reasons why you should keep your RV stored under a carport when it’s not in use.

What Is a Carport?

A carport is a shelter that you can store your RV under. They are often made of vinyl or steel.

The vinyl carports consist of vinyl sheeting attached to a steel frame. An all steel carport is more robust and durable. In this article, I’ll focus on steel carports as the best RV storage solution for long-lasting service.

1. Protection from Rain and Hail

Many people store their RV outdoors with no protection whatsoever. They are leaving their precious RV to the mercy of weather conditions that little by little are damaging their vehicle. This damage may be difficult to spot over the short term but it accumulates over time.

Rain, snow, and wind damage the paint surface. They carry tiny particles of dust that erode the polished surface making it lose its shine. Protecting your RV from the elements slows down the aging process.

More serious damage can be caused by hailstones and heavy pounding rain. If you live in a location where hail storms occur, protect your RV with a steel constructed carport. Even a vinyl carport may not provide a tough enough solution for long-lasting protection

2. Protection from UV Light

Sunlight contains UV light. UV light is harmful to RVs. It damages both paintwork and other parts of your RV.

Leaving your RV out in the sunshine for long periods will result in gradually fading paintwork. It doesn’t matter whether you are using your RV or not. The gradual fading starts to age your RV.

Often, the fading is not even. This is because when you park your RV there will tend to be parts of the RV in direct sun for longer periods than others. Some parts of your RV will be in shade for longer than others.

The result of uneven exposure to UV light is an unattractive aged appearance. Add to this the damage UV light makes to vinyl and rubber on your RV. UV light causes these materials to disintegrate and crack.

3. Preserve the Interior

It’s obvious that putting your RV under a shelter will protect the exterior but surprisingly it protects the interior too. Sunlight penetrates into the interior of your RV through the windows. If you leave your RV in direct sunlight for long periods the sunlight will fade and age the interior.

Seats, fabrics, and other interior fittings will face repeated heating and cooling as direct sunlight warms your vehicle and it then cools at night. This damaging to the materials also to the adhesives used on fabrics and laminates leading to separation and the need for repairs. A shelter protects the vehicle from direct sun and so reduced this effect.

4. Protect from Cover Damage

One solution to protect your RV may be to use an RV cover. These fabric covers are designed to fit over your RV and come in various sizes. You slip the cover over your RV whenever it is not in use for a period of time and remove it when you need to get access or use the RV.

It would be more accurate to say that the RV cover lies on the RV rather than over it. The surface of the cover is in contact with the RV. This can cause a problem.

The cover itself is exposed to the elements and so wind and rain can cause it to move. Tiny particles of dust and grit under the cover are then rubbed on to the surface of the RV by any movement of the cover. Weather conditions and sliding on and off of the cover results in tiny abrasions on the RV paint surface.

If moisture gets under the cover either through heavy rain or condensation it can encourage mildew and mold to grow. How frustrating to clean and cover up your RV only to uncover it when you want to use it to find it covered in mold? Using a carport means your RV remains clean, dry, and ventilated.

5. Longer Life Protection

A steel carport provides many years of service with minimal maintenance. The lifespan of a steel carport far exceeds that of a fabric cover. It can be constantly in use and using it does not damage or age it.

Look for a quality galvanized steel RV shelter from a reputable supplier. You should expect a 20-year rust warranty.

6. Save Money on Storage

An RV storage facility is an option for RV storage for many RV owners. However, renting storage space can be expensive. If you have your own space, having a carport can save you an ongoing storage fee.

The storage facility may not provide the weather protection that a carport provides. Other storage facility users can also damage your RV when moving their vehicles. Save money on storage and repairs by keeping your RV safe and secure in your own carport.

7. Convenience

While a low-cost RV cover offers some protection but can be very inconvenient. It’s hard to cover your RV on your own. Even with some help, it has to be got out from where ever you store it, opened out and pulled over your RV.

When using the cover, your RV and the cover has to be clean and dry. This means cleaning chores after a trip before you can cover the RV.

8. Protect Your Investment

Your RV probably cost you a lot of money. It’s a great investment and can be a huge plus in your life giving you and family many years of fun and adventure. You obviously want to protect that investment.

Looking after your RV well is a way of protecting the investment you have made. It will last longer and stay in better shape if you store it well.

9. Add Value to Your Home

A carport can be a great way of adding value to your home. It’s a useful facility and with so many attractive designs it looks great too. Even homeowners without an RV will value it.

10. Added Features

A steel carport can have some really useful features that make it even more useful. Custom design means it can suit your lifestyle and needs better than any RV cover or storage facility could. Add some storage space, a mudroom, a tool wall or even additional rooms.

Get the Most from Your RV

When your RV is kept in good condition and is conveniently accessed you can enjoy it more. RV’s are about getting on the road, traveling, and adventure. Have fun and enjoy the RV life.

For more information about carports and RV storage, click here.


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