The Complete Guide to Steel Garage Kits

Anyone who lives in Florida or Georgia knows southern life is all about rain, wind, and humidity. Any of these elements can prove disastrous for assets from livestock to RV campers.

We take great pains to protect our home and personal items from the elements. But, it’s easy to overlook steep losses in other areas. Many look to steel buildings as an addition to preventing damage to expensive items.

But which type is best for you? Do metal buildings hold up through our “toad stranglers” every day? And, what about hurricanes?

Metal buildings stand up better than wood frame against both damage and wear. And, steel is a maintenance-free workhorse for everything from storage to woodshops.

If you’re considering a steel garage kit, here’s what you need to know.

Certified Buildings and Why It Matters

Before choosing the best steel building for your needs, check local and state building codes. No one wants to find out, too late, that their construction doesn’t comply.

It’s much easier to build it right the first time.

Though you may find a certified building is not necessary for your area, experts suggest following the rules anyway.

An engineer signs off on the blueprint and inspections ensure durability and safety. The results will match the code requirements necessary for your area.

For those in hurricane-prone areas of Florida and Georgia, this is a requirement.

How to Choose the Right Steel Garage Kits Designs

The best design is the one which fits your growing needs. For example, you may need a tool shed or single garage today.

But, a few years down the road you find yourself running out of space. Choose some simple additions such as a lean-to gives you more options for future uses. A garage with carport is a popular choice allowing more workspace with a bit more investment.

Those who need garage space can choose a three-car size building for two cars. This allows ample space for tools and more workspace. Once you decide on the size, then you can:

  • Make sure the building site is level
  • Ensure the area is accessible to vehicles
  • Power should be available within 50 feet of the site
  • get permits/size of foundation necessary
  • Check local building rules for allowable colors and size

The building company on which you decide should help with the details, too. Some steel building suppliers ship the components and that’s it.

Others will assist from design to the build.

Making it Fit With Your Home

Chances are, you can peruse a few photos of steel buildings. But, you may not have much of idea on style.

Though steel garage kits are useful by nature, they should also reflect the style of your home. And any other buildings on the property.

With no similarities, your property can appear as separate lots rather than a home.

Today’s steel garage kits offer a slew of options.

There are both colors and roof styles to match your home or accessorize it. Then, you can add unique siding selections, doors, and windows.

The Best Protection

One of the many reasons steel buildings are a favorite is the protection they offer. From cars to agricultural machines, steel provides the safety that wood buildings cannot.

Shelter from extreme weather, mold, and insects is vital in the south. Our extreme summer weather and icy winters can wreak havoc.

Worse, anyone can incur losses insurance doesn’t cover. The best plan is to keep our belongings safe. High-end steel garage kits offer 14 gauge framing and 28 gauge sheeting.

And, options to upgrade to stronger versions.

For those where heavy weather can strike, engineering to hurricane strength is vital. Anchoring the buildings with strict codes in place offers safety and peace of mind.

And, the best feature of steel garage kits is maintenance free protection year-round.

Larger Buildings and Garages Makes for Many Choices

Metal buildings are not only for small personal use. Many companies use them as office space, production, and manufacturing work.

Barns for animals, storage, and machinery have lower pricing and easier maintenance than wood. Homeowners needing awnings for RV’s, campers, or boats often need special ordering.

Some customers may have a design in mind. Others may need help with putting together the ideal layout. A responsive steel building seller will work with a customer from beginning to end.

Free installation and nominal fees for things like initial blueprints should be essential services. The task of getting the right steel garage kits in the right place takes teamwork.

Common Mistakes When Purchasing a Custom Steel Structure

Now you have some ideas on getting the best steel garage for you, here are a few common mistakes. Knowing what not to do is as important as doing the right thing.

  • Buying the cheapest rather than what works
  • Failure to get all costs
  • No building experience and buying a DIY version
  • Picking the wrong sized building
  • Purchasing from a company who offers no support
  • Failure to get necessary permits
  • Setting up the foundation too soon

Anyone can avoid the most common mistakes by doing a bit of homework. And, choosing a company who works with you to cover the details. Steel garage kits fails not only injure an ego but can end up as scrap sales.

We Are Here to Help You

No matter the reason for a steel garage kit, we’re here to help. We’ll assist with all the details from design to set up.

At Victory buildings, we use US steel and labor and are a proud veteran business. Contact us here to get started!


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