9 Reasons Why You Need a Steel Barn for Your Livestock

The steel building industry has exponentially grown over the years as more and more people discover all of the benefits that these metal buildings have to offer. Thanks to their durability and affordability, the steel building industry has grown to be worth 12 billion dollars.

Have you considered a steel barn for housing your livestock? If you haven’t, you should–they are the future, especially in an affordable, energy efficient building.

If you’re still on the fence or unfamiliar with steel buildings, we’ve got nine benefits to help you decide.

1. Weather Resistant

Wood is not naturally resistant to the elements. Moisture will absorb into the wood, compromising the strength and integrity of the entire structure.

Sure, you can treat the wood to resist the elements. But that is time-consuming and expensive. If you drop the ball, your building is going to start succumbing to nature.

Steel is not absorbent, so rain, hail, and snow all do not seep into your building material. This means you don’t have to worry about dampness or dry rot.

2. Upkeep Costs

As we briefly mentioned, wood barns require upkeep, and that upkeep costs money. With a steel barn, you can say goodbye to this whole expense column on your budget sheet.

Steel barns are going to faithfully work for you for the next 15 to 20 years. This long lifespan also means that your barn insurance is going to be a lot cheaper now too.

3. Flexibility

Because of the way steel buildings are designed, there are no interior load-bearing walls. This means you could have a barn that is hundreds of feet long with total freedom of how you decide to use the space.

You can also change the way you use your barn in the future with relative ease. Since none of the interior walls are load bearing you can tear down and build new ones without having you worry about affecting the structural integrity of the building.

4. Good Looks

Remember the days when a steel building looked, well, like a steel building? It wasn’t pretty. Those days are done.

Today steel buildings can have a finish to look like stucco, brick, or a variety of colors. This makes your building blend in with the other structures on your property or the surrounding environment.

Those beautiful looks will also maintain for years, unlike wood that will fade and weather in the elements.

5. Time is Your Friend

With a steel building, you get a big chunk of your time back. That yearly maintenance on your wood barn takes up a lot of time. You don’t need to do that anymore.

Steel buildings need a repaint every couple of decades. Otherwise, you can leave your steel barn alone.

6. Durable

Over time wood can get chipped or worn away. This doesn’t happen with steel. It would take you hitting your barn with a car for it to withstand damage.

This is good if you plan to use it with livestock. Your barn will withstand the daily abuse of your herd.


Steel is also the ultimate barrier when it comes to insects. There is no problem with bugs burrowing into the barn materials. This cannot be said for wood buildings that are susceptible to both termites and mold.


Most obviously, wood can burn down. Steel doesn’t have this problem. This also means that a properly grounded steel building is less likely to be damaged by lightning.

7. Simplicity in Design

A steel building requires a smaller variety of materials and have a minimalist design for their structure. This means that your livestock barn can go up quickly.

A wood barn could take weeks, while a steel barn can go up in days, sometimes even just hours. No more worrying about the wood warping while it waits to get used in the build.

Even if your wood doesn’t warp, it is still a natural material. It will inherently have varying characteristics. Steel materials are manufactured to be straight and consistently uniform.

This makes for consistent quality and strength throughout the entire building.

8. Affordable

Your steel barn will cost significantly less thanks to simplicity in design. Other structural materials will cost more such as wood and brick.

Your finished building will also have a lower value. This comes in handy when it comes time to pay property taxes. You get all the benefits of having the barn, without the high cost of taxes.

You can also expect to save when it comes to buying insurance for your building. Some insurance companies will charge up to 30% less in premiums for steel buildings as compared to their wood counterparts.

9. Energy Efficient

Let’s say you decide that instead of using your steel building as a livestock barn, you want to convert it for another use. Maybe use it has a building for work you plan on doing?

You can easily insulate the building with a spray in insulation. This will seal up any leaks, cracks, or spaces. Now your building is ready to be heated or cooled with high energy efficiency.

Design Your Steel Barn

Owning a steel barn can enhance your property with an additional beautiful and functional structure. You can make it match the other buildings on your property so that it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Your new building will be affordable to build and maintain. You don’t have to worry about increasing your financial and time budget for maintenance as your new steel building doesn’t require much.

Finally, your steel building will withstand the extreme elements that nature will throw at it. The strong concrete foundation and steel structure will comply with building codes for the ultimate in safety and durability.

Get a quote for your steel building today.


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