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Metal Garage Kits

Customize Options

  • Roof style

  • Colors for trim, roof, walls, and door

  • Addition of doors, garage doors, insulation, windows and more

  • End walls and side walls

  • Lean-to additions for covered work areas and shade

steel garage kit

1 Car Garages

Our steel 1-car garages range in width’s from 12′ – 18′ wide and lengths of 20 – 25′ long. They are a great place to store your vehicle, equipment or as storage for your personal effects rather than paying a costly monthly fee at a storage facility. Customize your garage with all the options above or contact us with your special project!

2 Car Garages

Our 2 car garages begin at 20′ wide and increase from there. If you need storage for more than 1 car or just require additional space the 2-car garage is an obvious choice. Choose from the colors on our Features & Options page to match your home or other structure.

3 Car Garages

Beginning at 22′ x 35′ our 3 car garages offer a large amount of space for cars, a workshop or storage. As customary, all the customization options above and our Features & Options pages are available to give your steel structure a finished, sophisticated look.

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